Board of Directors

Rajesh Thakur-Managing Director

He is graduate of Indian Institute of Technology (Civil Engineering 2003 batch) and post graduate diploma in management from Indian institute of Management (Finance & Strategy 2009 batch). He has an extensive experience of 15 years in various industries and sectors and in an expert in business strategy,financial planning and analysis, financial modelling & Innovation, process improvements, Transformation and Restructuring, Integration, project Management, Business Development & turnaround

Veena Pani Chaudhary- Executive Director & CFO

She is qualified in Master of Arts and has experience in news reading, and has a knack of serving the society. She has garnered enormous experience, down the years, in activism of a unique kind, thereby empowering the needy, and is an eloquent speaker too.

Dhaval Mistry- Non-Executive Director

Well qualified young and dynamic Chartered Accountant in the profession having worked for over a period of more than ten years with the firm; as a Partner since August 2009. He has rich experience in Income Tax Matters, Corporate Law Matters, Internal audits, Statutory audits, Tax audits of small firms, Companies, Corporate, Statutory and Concurrent Audits of Nationalized Banks; GST Matters besides rendering management consultancy and Project financing professional services of high standards to meet the financial needs of working

Neelu Choudhary- Non-Executive Director

She is very young, capable, keen to learn, efficient, diligent, hardworking, efficient member of board. She has an analytical frame of mind.

Rajesh Ramnani- Chairman, Independent Non-Executive Director

Company Secretary with considerable experience in Company Secretarial Functions with 30 years of experience including experience in Corporate & Legal Affairs, Meetings & Reviews, Project Management, Finance and Banking operations Corporate Restructuring Administration, Strategic Planning, Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code

Prawincharan Dwary- Independent Non-Executive Director

Ex- Head / Ex-Group President of various Corporate Groups since conceptualization & Inception and Backbone for the Growth Story of Corporate Group. Instrumental in Set up Many of Five star Hotels, Steel Plant, Rolling Mills, Green house, Tissue Culture, IT software division, DATA Centre, Satellite News Chanel and many more, with financial closure, land acquisition, project implementation, Strong Fundamentals, Public Relations and Network in the corporate world and among Investors and HNI

Committees of Board of Directors
Audit Committee
  • Rajesh Ramnani -Chairman
  • Prawincharan Dwary - Member
  • Neelu Choudhary - Member
Nomination and Remuneration Committee
  • Prawincharan Dwary -Chairman
  • Rajesh Ramnani -Member
  • Neelu Manroopji Choudhary - Member
Stakeholder Relationship Committee
  • Prawincharan Dwary -Chairman
  • Rajesh Ramnani -Member
  • Neelu Choudhary - Member